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The only pads I’ll use
Frame protection
Very good quality cutter

Having had a long discussion with Ellis from Fibrax at the London bike show, I took the plunge on their semi-metallic pads. They’ve coped with the British wet weather and grime to the dust of the Italian Alps. Great heat management when combined with Fibrax rotors and they last really, really well!

These are the best thing to stop cable rub. They stay put, fit any size cable or brake pipe on your bike far better than the old solid ones with the split up the side, that used to fall off brilliant idea.

This is a very sharp, solid, sturdy and well made cable cutter. It has a lovely feel in the hand. I'm very happy to use it.

Fab staff & products.
What's not to love!
Quality product, quality service
Superb quality cables

Met these guys at UK NEC Cycle Show, needed advice & they were dead helpful. Bought some lightweight disks that look cool & are noticeably lighter than stock. Ordered pads online with a discount code given at the show, they arrived 2 days later. All kit works & looks great. Proper fan here!

Ordered rotors Wednesday, arrived Thursday at lowest shipping costs, was impressed with quality upon inspection and even more so on use. Look good, perform great and all at a reasonable price AND made in the UK.

These die drawn cables are absolutely the best quality, and the only ones I will ever use. Long life, accurately drawn, non rusting. Superb.

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Key Features:

Fibrax Disc Brake Cleaner improves braking performance by cleaning your brake system deeply and effectively.

Our disc brake cleaner air dries without leaving a residue and is perfectly safe for use on plastic, rubber, titanium, carbon and painted surfaces.

Fibrax Disc Brake Cleaner

400ml can

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Since 1902, Fibrax has been pioneering advancements in cycling performance. Over the last century, both materials and manufacturing processes have changed considerably but our commitment to continual improvement has remained steadfast, enabling us to offer a high quality,reliable product range.


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